Following Fall Out Boy

Sweaty And Happy after the Atlanta Show
I will hopefully make a longer post about this Fall Out Boy trip but I wanted to make sure that I got at least something down here. This year has been pretty much the worst of my life. Between work, life, friends, personal, medical, professional, and just… all of it at once, I had run out of the ability to care about pretty much anything. I had stopped singing in the car. I had stopped just… being me. So my friends Melissa, Bree, Emily, and I planned a trip to follow Fall Out Boy around a bit on their reunion tour. Here’s a little thing I typed in an email to my friend Sarah… so it’s in email speak. You’re welcome.

OMG. It was… just… I feel like I have so many words but not the brain to explain them. Washington DC was like a revelation. I got to be with the DC fangirls. I fell in love with that city SO hardcore. I loved the venue. They were so nice. They actually brought out jugs of water and cups for the line of people waiting out in the hot sun. It was 92… JESUS. SO hot. The concert was AAAAAMAZING. Opening band, The New Politics, were great and silly and fun. Fall Out boy was just stunning and I cried. The drive from DC to Charlotte was where I had my realization that everything is going to be okay. I’m going to figure things out. Things are going to get better and I’m going to be okay. Melissa was taking a nap and we were driving through the country and I was listening to twenty one pilots and singing along and just… it all fit. Then Atlanta. Atlanta was probably the best performance by both bands. We had the best seats, I watched the most of the show (not taking pictures) and just smiled and danced with Mel and just… enjoyed the hell out of it.

I have so many words. I will probably write a whole thing on this later but this is what I’ve got now.

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